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The Amazon Effect on Real Estate in the Fairlington Community in Arlington, VA

Amazon Dot

Fairlington is one of my personal favorite communities in Arlington, Virginia, the soon to be new home to one of Amazon’s Headquarters. This community stands to see some buzz over the promised increase in the area’s employment due to Amazon’s relocation to the area.  Fairlington is a condominium community with family friendly amenities and lovely tree lined streets. Many of the units have been magnificently upgraded and renovated to appeal to the open concept loving crowd. This well-established...

Foreclosures and Bank Owned Properties in Northern VA: A good deal?

Can the Right Foreclosure Property be a GREAT deal?

YES. Most times people who are looking for foreclosures or bank owned properties are simply looking for great deals. This means a home purchase where they can get a little equity right off the bat by purchasing RIGHT. 

If your goal is to build equity quickly, Foreclosures can be one source. Bank owned properties can be another. Fixer-upper homes that are NOT in the foreclosure properties are a third source. And beleive it or not there are some GREAT deals to be found for the savvy investor simply by looking for homes in the MLS.

The Source does not matter as much as the amount of motivation.

What type of home (foreclosure, bank-owned, or etc.) is not NEAR as important as how much motivation the owner has to sell. For example, a bank that is holding a property has DIFFERENT motivations for either selling it or holding it than you might think.  So while sometimes there are good deals to be had, at other...

Condos vs Homes: Northern Virginia has a lot of choices

If you are relocating to Virginia and exploring home purchases, the choices can often feel overwhelming. 

Where is the best location? How will this home provide for your lifestyle? What is the process of buying a home like in Virginia? And then there is another choice: Condos vs Single Family Homes.

One of the great things about the Northern Virginia market is that we have a LOT of choices. It also can be one of the most difficult! I can help you walk step by step through the decision making process.

First we start with your location, and then we look at your lifestyle, and finally we look at what is available in your price range. Once I have helped you get that far, then we can look at what floor plans, amenities and other options appeal to you and fit with your situation. 

Getting the MOST for your money in buying a home or condominium is often not as much about "getting the most" as it is about "buying right" and making the right decision for you at this...

How's the Northern Virginia Real Estate Market?

How's the Northern Virginia Real Estate Market for 2018?

While this is one of the most common questions that I get asked, it is one of the most difficult to answer without further information. So that is what I am going to do here: Ask for some further information.

Where in Northern Virginia?

Actually where matters a lot. While there are some common factors that affect Northern Virginia real estate prices a lot (interest rates, the overall economy, the employment market, etc), the truth is that local specific development (rail lines, new sudivisions, new condo developments, school district changes  will affect the real estate market MUCH more in most cases than other economic factors.

So let's start with WHERE and then I can help you in a much more specific way. 

What are you doing? Buying or selling? What is your time frame?

This also affects the real estate market greatly. Real Estate markets...

What does $500,000 buy in your neighborhood?

Have you ever wondered what a middle of the market home here would be worth in other areas?

I thought it would be fun to take a look.  So let's start in our own back yard. Currently in Bristow, the median price of a home is in the upper 400's. (Here is a link to all of the Bristow VA homes currently on the market.) So let's use that as a frame of reference and go shopping in some other areas. 

Most times we think that our area is more expensive than others, but the truth is that there are a lot of areas both above our prices and below.

Memphis Tennessee

In the suburbs of Memphis TN lies Germantown. It is an upscale neighborhood that is well known by Memphis residents and "the" place to live. Check out what the same $500,000 get's you there. More...